At the intersection of art, technology, sport and self-expression – you’ll find WarDrobe.

Changing the look of your board is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

Taking off faceplates/skins

Step one: Carefully unlatch the buttons on the front and tail (*unlatching tool available)

Step two: Push or Pull the faceplate/skin away from the center in a sliding motion with out lifting it. Do not lift up or pull up on the faceplate/skin because it will damage the locks that keep the skin attached to the board

Step three: Once the faceplate/skin is loosened gently lift it up as it will become detached

Putting on faceplates/skins

Step one: Line up the inserts to fit in the holes

Step two: Press down and slide towards the center of the skateboard. This locks the faceplate

Step three: Once aligned push down the buttons on the front and tail end until they snap in securely