Introducing // WarDrobe Skateboards
designed for the journey inspired by the dream


War*Drobe Crowdfunding from Wardrobe Galaxy on Vimeo.


From high octane sport to low-key swagg, the skateboard community has always been a creative culture that challenges the status quo and champions personal expression. With nothing more than a sturdy deck and solid determination, skateboarding challenges individuals to be curious, resourceful and fearless as they brave the streets all around them and build up the strength within.

Founded in 2000 by a collective of entrepreneurs, WarDrobe celebrates the spirit of inclusivity and innovation that defines skateboarding as more than a means to get around—it’s a lifestyle. We love that skaters are driven by minimal rules yet demand respect, encouraging one another to appreciate the spectrum of skill and flavor represented by every individual’s signature flair.

Inspired by the creative freedom of skaters in action, WarDrobe introduces the world’s first customizable deck that brings the artistic expression of skateboarding full circle. Our patented Interchangeable Faceplate System allows skaters to easily and instantly accessorize their deck with various forms of artwork. From a mood of the moment pattern to socially conscious collabs speaking up for a cause, every WarDrobe faceplate shares a personal shade of flavor about its owner with infinite possibilities for crafting a custom ride. WarDrobe makes it possible to show off your style, even when you’re standing still.

Engineered by skaters, for skaters, the WarDrobe cruiser board features industry-best construction and materials. From bearings to trucks, the WarDrobe crew knows what skaters demand from their boards, whether you’re new to the game or a thrasher. WarDrobe guarantees you feel solid tackling any speed bump that comes at you and any obstacle you seek out.

The WarDrobe Galaxy knows no bounds. Where others see barriers, skaters see opportunities.

Wherever you are, welcome to the WarDrobe family.


Cornell Miller

Cornell Miller

Cornell launched Wardrobe Skateboards in 2015 after 6 years of perfecting the design and functionality of his patented Interchangeble Skateboard Faceplate System (ISFS). A Morehouse College grad with roots in St. Louis, Missouri, Cornell’s inspiration for the ISFS was spurred by an organic intersection of his 15+ years of experience in marketing, hardware and retail. Working with iconic brands such as LaFace Records, Applebottoms, House of Dereon, Parasuco and Juice Magazine spoke to his entrepreneurial spirit with a voice that could not be denied. Beyond the Wardrobe galaxy, Cornell is also the founder & CEO of digital marketing brand, KharmasRevenge, and its non-profit affiliate The KR Foundation. Creating engaging visual messaging to empower youth against bullying, The KR Foundation hopes to impact the individual childhood experience with a positive global community.

Cristen Mills

Cristen Mills
Chief Creative Officer

An ambitious businesswoman with a background in branding and entertainment, Cristen Mills (Cris) first entered the creative industry as an aspiring agent at ICM. With her undeniable hustle and unique personal style, she quickly caught the attention of Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar Award-winning artist, COMMON, becoming his personal liaison. Cris later entered the hyper-competitive LA restaurant scene with her Southern-inspired spot, My Two Cents, helmed by celebrity chef, Alisa Reynolds. In 2015, Cris partnered with Cornell Miller as the artistic anchor behind skateboard accessory brand, WarDrobe. Most recently, Cris keeps busy creating innovative, chic and edgy content as the visionary and co-founder of Heart of Cool, a new online force that merges fashion, art and culture.

Nam Ngo

Nam Ngo
The Product Engineer

Nam’s killer skills in all things design were paramount in bringing the WarDrobe concept from prototype to pavement-ready.

Cornell Miller

Knox Godoy
The Skate Icon

Practically cruising before he could crawl, Knox’s voice of expertise helped shape the authentic experience of a WarDrobe ride from structure to style, head to toeflip.

Nam Ngo

Sara Haile
The Creative Director

From building the Big Picture to troubleshooting the bugs, Sara directs the WarDrobe Galaxy’s uniquely awesome user experience.

Felipe Medrios

Felipe Medrios
The Artist


The mad genius behind our sick skins, Felipe’s bold and colorful graphic stylings are a perfect match for our make-a-statement motherboards.